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Berry rear elevation
Forest Lake Modern Cottage
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Hudson Cottage
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Withrow Farmhouse

Ron Brenner


custom home design

Having a hard time finding the exact plan you are looking for?  We understand it can be hard to find a pre-designed house plan that fits your own specific needs.  But it is also difficult to find Custom Home Design Services that are affordable.  Architect fees can be quite expensive.  A Custom Architect Designed Home can cost anywhere from 8% to 15% of the construction cost in fees (say $50k for a $500k house). Unfortunatley that put’s an Architects Design Services out of reach for many folks.


we have a solution - design guru Ron Brenner

Ron is owner of Simply Elegant Home Designs and Ron Brenner Architects.  Go ahead and check more of his work out.  Ron figures that anyone that is going to invest several hundred thousand dollars or more on a new home ought to have high quality design available to them at a reasonable investment.  So he took his experiences working directly with many individual clients, identified the most important aspects of the design process, and put those together within a special design package.  Below is a brief summary of that package:

program review

This begins with a meeting where we discuss your building program in detail. We discuss your list of space needs, important adjacencies, interior and exterior aesthetic goals, views, site orientation and other site issues.  Then we take what we learn from this meeting and summarize it into our Building Program document.  This document serves as our guide for beginning the design of your project.  For an example of a completed building program see the following link:  



schematic design

This is where we look at preliminary design solutions for your project. We look at plan and exterior image sketches which describe possible options for the layout of your new home. After meeting with you to review the options we refine them into a cohesive design. For an example of a completed schematic design see the following link:



construction documents

This is where we put all the detailed pieces together that explain to the contractor the elements of the house so that they can complete the bids and begin construction.  In the end we provide you with plans, elevations, sections and specifications which together describe the project to your contractor. For an example of completed construction documents see the following link:  



Our Custom Home Design Solution is designed to be adaptable to your priorities.  We can nearly always put together a package that meets your design and budget needs.  So please contact us and let’s get started working together.  

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