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About Our Plans

Our Plan Sets may be ordered in full size prints (5 copies included and mailed), pdf (email) or cad (email) versions.

Our Plan Sets include drawings and information that your professional building contractor can use to bid and construct your home from.  Drawings are usually organized on 24”x 36” sheets and include the following:

  • Cover Sheet including Exterior photo or rendering

  • Foundation / Basement Floor Plan (1/4” = 1’)

  • Main Level Floor Plan (1/4” = 1’)

  • Upper Level Floor Plan (1/4” = 1’)

  • Roof Plan (1/8” = 1’)

  • Exterior Building Elevations (1/4” = 1’)

  • Building Sections (1/4” = 1’)

  • Possibly Miscellaneous Exterior Details (scale as appropriate)

  • Possibly Interior Elevations of key spaces (1/2” = 1’) or interior sketches

  • Suggested Ceiling / Lighting Plans (1/8” = 1’)

  • Possibly Miscellaneous Interior Details (scale as appropriate)

  • Suggested Building Specifications


Detailed Descriptions of Plan Set Pages


Foundation plan - Drawn to 1/4" scale, this plan describes the foundation system with notations, dimensions and details including footings, support piers, columns, pilings, foundation walls and girders.


Floor plans - Detailed plans, drawn to 1/4" scale for each level showing dimensions, wall arrangements, windows, door sizes, cabinets & plumbing fixtures, stair arrangements, etc. Plans are keyed and cross referenced to building elevations and building sections. A room finish schedule describes suggested surface treatments and materials.


Structural Information - Structural information such as truss configuration, joist sizes and beam locations is called out diagrammatically on the floor plans.  Specific beam sizes are generally not called out as this will need to be verified by your local engineer and / or suppliers.  See note below regarding Architectural and Engineering Stamps


Exterior Elevations - 1/4" Scale drawings of all four sides showing exterior materials, measurements, windows, doors, roof configuration, etc.


Building Section(s) – These drawings show vertical cutaway views of the house from roof to foundation showing details of construction, framing, flooring, roofing, etc.


Detail Drawings (if included) - Large scale details of primary building conditions may be included.


Interior Elevations (if included) - Detailed drawings of kitchen & bath cabinet elevations and other elements describing the interior design intent.


Suggested Ceiling / Lighting Plans (if included) – Plans illustrating the ceiling configuration of each finished floor level and indicating soffits, beams, special materials and suggested lighting and switching.


Suggested Building Specifications - Includes suggestions for bidding, general requirements, and Outline Specifications for materials and products used on this project.



Important Information


Architectural and Engineering Stamps (Seals or Certifications)

Some building departments require that a licensed architect or engineer (licensed in the state of the construction) sign and stamp the construction drawings prior to issuing a building permit for construction.  The purchase of house plan drawings does not include a stamped set of construction drawings or structural engineering.  We recommend that all our clients work with a structural engineer prior to construction.  We offer structural engineering services through our engineering partners.  This  is an additional service that is not included with the purchase of your house plan drawings.  Please contact us for more information and a free quote.


We recommend that you check with the local building department to obtain a list of all items they require to submit for and obtain a building permit.


Mechanical Layouts

Mechanical drawings are not included within the drawing package. Your local mechanical/electrical contractor or engineer must size and design the system to ensure correct operation of the HVAC equipment for your region and climate conditions and to comply with applicable codes.


Plumbing Layouts

Plumbing drawings showing actual plumbing pipe sizes and locations are not included within the drawing package. Your local plumbing contractor or engineer must size and design the system to ensure correct operation and to comply with applicable codes.


Electrical Layouts

Electrical / Lighting drawings may be included which show diagrammatic layout and location of primary components. Electrical wiring and panel diagrams are not provided.  Your local electrical contractor or engineer  must design the system to ensure correct operation of the electrical components and to comply with applicable codes.


Concise Drawings

Drawings and specifications are intended to be utilized for construction by a qualified by a licensed, professional, building contractor.  Since it is impractical to attempt to detail every condition occurring in the construction, only typical conditions are shown. Your contractor should familiarize himself with the drawings sufficiently to be able coordinate other conditions not detailed on the drawings.


Plans are not returnable

Please double check the plan design before placing your order, since Simply Elegant Home Designs will not accept returned plans for refunds, exchanges, or credit. A Pricing Set (stamped "Not For Construction or Permits") may be ordered, if desired, to obtain a preliminary cost estimate and to help you to confirm that the plan you selected meets all your needs and requirements before you order the Construction Plan Package.


Building Area

Square footage calculations include the heated area of the house plan and are measured from the outside face of the exterior construction including all walls.


Making Changes

If you would like for us to make changes to the standard plans, call or send an email describing your ideas.  If you choose to have us make changes you may still need to work with a local designer or architect / engineer to ensure that the plans are in compliance with all state and local codes and ordinances.

Alternatively once you purchase the plan (license), you can work with a local architect or residential design professional to make your desired changes.  AutoCAD files may be available (for an additional fee) for this purpose.  Note that the author of the changes must assume liability for changes he/she makes to the drawings.


Reverse Drawings

Reverse drawings may also be requested for and additional fee.  Depending on the CAD format the drawings were created in the reverse drawings may illustrate the notes, dimensions and other annotations backwards.


Other Items Not Included in the Plans

  • Materials lists or estimate take-offs.

  • Site Plans / Landscaping Plans.  You should work with local professionals to prepare these plans.

  • Telephone, Security Systems, Audio/Visual Systems and other Low Voltage Systems.  You should work with your contractor and other local vendors to ensure that these various systems are properly incorporated into your plans.

  • Step by step or “Do it Yourself” instructions.  The plans describe the design intent of the house but do not describe the procedures of how to construct the house.  You will require the services of a Professional Building Contractor.


Additional Services

Simply Elegant Home Designs can assist you with any number of additional services that are not normally included as part of  a plan package.  We have listed some of these services below.  Please contact us to obtain a free quote for any of these or other services you may have in mind.

  • Structural Engineering (through our engineering partners)

  • Design changes and revisions to drawings

  • Plan check revisions

  • Site Plan design

  • 3D Renderings and Design Services

  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)

  • Development Land Planning

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